Prime Reading is here on as well!

Amazon Prime got million times better as they introduced Prime Reading, but unfortunately it didn’t get to at once. But, now Prime Reading is available in Germany as well! Don’t you know what Prime Reading is yet? Read my article on the topic and find out why this is a magnificent service that I

Watch Nobel (season 1) on Netflix

Nobel was voted as the best European TV series in 2016. Now you can stream the Norwegian TV series Nobel on Netflix. Curious? In Nobel we follow a crew of soldiers who have been to Afghanistan after returning to Norway. Life ain’t easy back home in Norway, but in every episode we also get further

Can I watch YouTube TV in Europe?

YouTube TV was launched in certain cities in the United States on April 6th in 2017. What can be done if you live outside the USA? Can I watch YouTube TV in Europe? Whenever Google does something, it comes with a boom and it is normally destined for success. Google+ was one of the few

Coming to US Netflix in April 2017

April is a beautiful spring month, and based on the following list, I suggest you spend much time out in the nature instead of watching Netflix. These are the titles that will come to US Netflix in April 2017. My suggestion that you spend lots of time in the nature is based on the fact

A Fubo TV Premier review

Fubo TV just changed a whole lot, and with the new Premier package one can stream all sorts of football/soccer and so much more on Fubo TV. Is it worth the money? As you might know, I am writing this article in Europe. My main focus of concern if football/soccer, meaning that my main reason