NordVPN with new servers

NordVPN has been updating their servers recently and added servers in even some new nations.

NordVPN is one of the most famous VPN providers on the market. If you read reviews on different blogs, on Reddit and similar platforms you will notice a sweet mixture of very positive and somewhat negative reviews. That is exactly what can be expected from any VPN review, after all it is very subjective whether someone is satisfied or not. How come?

You might need a NordVPN subscription for the purpose of watching Dutch TV from abroad. That is brilliant and it will work well and you get great speed. But, when you desire to use NordVPN to watch Netflix you experience a big drop in speeds at the US servers and you feel as if their service is terrible. These are normal things that occur with VPN providers and the speeds you experience can depend on the time of the day, what day it is of the week and much more. But, there is also a lot to learn from such VPN reviews, so do not hesitate to read someone right away. I have written my very own NordVPN review as well and you can read it right here.

The new NordVPN servers

If you use the NordVPN client you will find the new servers made available right away. Here you can however see a full list of the new servers added:

Canada #57-80
Netherlands #34-43
Israel #3
Finland #2
Indonesia #1 (New Country)
Thailand #1 (New Country)
United Kingdom #46

As you can see Indonesia and Thailand are the new nations, while new servers have been added in the UK, in Canada, in the Netherlands, in Israel, Finland and in Switzerland.



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