News from IPVanish and PureVPN

The Olympics are over, and it might seem like a bit of a “dead” period. But, many VPN providers use these days for developing and expanding, and two providers that have been busy lately are IPVanish and PureVPN.

While waiting for the next highlight of the year, the World Cup 2014, these are at least preparing for some great days, and probably they will reap the fruit in the good season for the hard work they lay down currently.

PureVPN expansions

PureVPN has just launched NAT Firewall as a possible part of their VPN service. It is not available by default as users sign up, but for a price of about 3 American Dollars a month you can get this extra function, bringing even more security to your online activity. Another cool function they have in their VPN service is the Internet Kill Switch, which will kill your “connection” in the moment your VPN connection drops. In that way it is protecting you so that no confidential data will move without a valid VPN connection.

IPVanish expansions

This is not a breaking story, but IPVanish constantly works at upgrading their network, and recently they reached more than 14,000 IP addresses available, spread out on more than 110 servers in 47 nations. Keep up the good work!

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