How to get an IP address in New Zealand?

New Zealand is the land of the maoris, of the Lord of the Rings and of so much more. If you live in Europe New Zealand might seem to be very far away, and that is in fact true. So to move to the nation is quite a ride, but to virtually move to the country for some minutes, hours or days can be fixed easily. Keep on reading this little guide telling you how to get an IP in New Zealand.

There are several ways in which you can get a New Zealand IP address. If you have quite some computer skills you can make arrangements with some friend or family in New Zealand. The arrangement is that you can connect to their computer, using it as a proxy server, and thus you get to surf like a native maori. However, if you just need an IP in New Zealand and do not have any friends to call or simply wants to get it fixed and arranged with easily and quickly, then a VPN connection is a much more easy way of doing it.

What is a VPN?

A VPN is a Virtual Private Network. That might not mean to much to you either, so let me explain some more. As you use a VPN you will connect to a computer, or a so called VPN server. Once connected you will enjoy the rights of that given server. If that server is located in New Zealand you will get the rights of the server, meaning that you will get an IP in New Zealand. In addition to providing you with such an IP address it will also encrypt your data, making sure that none can steal private information such as passwords, VISA card numbers and so on. Again, using a VPN is not only about getting an IP address somewhere else, it is also about watching out for your self and your private information online.

Get an IP address in New Zealand

To get an IP address in New Zealand I recommend the usage of the VPN services of VyprVPN (read my review here). They are a fresh VPN provider always working to offer the best possible service to their customers. If you sign up for their basic package you will get access to all their servers around the globe, meaning that you can get access to IP addresses in the USA, Australia and lots of other nations. To sign up and get started visit the VyprVPN website, sign up for their basic package (or go PRO if you want to), download their client (they have clients/apps for iPhones, iPads, Android devices, Macintosh, Ubuntu and of course Windows), so it is very easy to get going and running with this. You could in fact surf with an IP in New Zealand in less than five minutes if you visit their website and sign up right away.


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