How much data is used when GPU mining using 3G/4G mobile network?

Yesterday my home WiFi network went down. It didn’t work for a while and for that reason I used some of my mobile data instead which would let me mine on, even without my home Internet connection. How much data did I use?

If you have a data package with your mobile subscription, you will for sure worry about the data amount used when mining if you plan on mining using megabytes from your mobile data package. For that reason, I did some testing yesterday to check out exactly how much data I spent during my 4-hour mining process using my mobile data. Here are the results.

Information about the rig I used during the test period

mobile data mining moneroI have a rig consisting of 5 GPUs. In that given period I decided to mine Monero, and I worked with a hash rate of around 3,4 KH/s. According to the program from my mobile provider, I had 2,21 GB data left before I started mining Monero using my mobile Internet package. Four hours later, as I stopped the process and checked again, I had 2,06 GB left. This means that during those four hours the mining rig used around 150 MB data, which means a little bit less than 40 MB per hour.

You know the limits of your Internet package, and based on these data you will have to decide for yourself whether you find this to be a lot or not. I will do some more tests later mining Ethereum or Ethereum Classic using my mobile package and will update the article once that is done.

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If you have done some mining using mobile data package as well and want to share your results, please do so writing a comment beneath.


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