How to get an IP address in Malta?

Have you ever been to Malta? It is a very cool nation, an island, and if you have the time you can travel around the entire nation in a few hours with a boat. They have the magnificent blue lagoon where you can go for a swim and other attractions. If you want to know more about Malta and attractions, go elsewhere, but if all you want to know is hoe to get a Maltese IP address, in other words find a way to virtually stay in Malta, then keep on reading.

As we write this article we just wanted to take a look at a program on TVM2 in Malta. However, as we tried to watch it we got the following error message:

Video unavailable in my location

This video is not made available in your location.

That is a great pity, since we wanted to see what was happening. However, there is a way to bypass such problems, and that is by getting a Maltese IP address, because once you have one, websites will open up and TV programs that have been closed to you earlier, will believe that you are actually located in Malta, which means that you can yet again watch the content online.

The best way to get a Maltese IP address

If you need a Maltese IP address, then the best solution is to sign up for the VPN provider HideMyAss. They are a brilliant VPN provider with a 30-day full refund policy, so if you sign up, but don’t get satisfied, you can ask for your money back. What you can do with your HideMyAss subscription is to download their VPN client. With this client you can connect to all HideMyAss servers worldwide, and once you connect using the program to one of their servers in Malta, you will be given at once a Maltese IP address. That is how easy it is.HideMyAss

Watch TVM and ONE online from outside Malta

As we have noticed ourselves TVM and ONE often block their online broadcasts to people outside Malta. This is to make sure that only people actually located in Malta can watch. If you then during a short holiday for example would like to see a program on TVM you will probably get an error message like the one we got, and to get rid of it so that you can start watching you just get your HideMyAss subscription and connect to a server in Malta and you will be able to watch TVM and One online again within seconds. Here you can see a screenshot as we watched TVM2 online using HideMyAss to get a Maltese IP address.
Watch TVM from abroad
It works great and you can try it yourself. Visit the HideMyAss website and get started today and do not miss a second of your program because of geo-blocks. If you have tried this or maybe have a question or feedback, please write a comment.


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