A little The Passion: New Orleans review

Easter is only a few weeks behind us, and recently I watched The Passion: New Orleans on Netflix, a musical that is available in all Netflix regions (as far as I know. Here is my The Passion: New Orleans review.

I had little to no knowledge about the musical named The Passion before I started watching it, but I was in the mood to watch something that had to do with Christianity, Easter and faith, and that is why I clicked on The Passion and started to watch. Since I didn’t have any special knowledge on what the entire thing was about, I did not have any special expectations either.

The Passion new Orleans review

How did I like The Passion: New Orleans?

Unfortunately I did not get to sit down and watch the entire musical all at once, but instead I had to stop watching and then I could continue to watch at a later time. This was kind of messy, but what I find interesting is that I always looked forward to continue watching. The story somehow got hold of me and I was curious to see how things would take place and happen.

In The Passion: New Orleans we meet a modern days story of the passion of Christ, and it is all narrated by Tyler Perry. Parts of the show take place at  a stage in New Orleans, while other parts are recorded before hand and shown on big screens. In addition we follow a group of people carrying a big cross throughout New Orleans to the location at which the recording takes place.

In addition to Tyler Perry lots of celebrities are involved in The Passion, and we can see Jencarlos Canela, Prince Royce, Trisha Yearwood, Chris Daughtry, Seal and also Michael W. Smith.

As I watched The Passion: New Orleans I had a really good time. The mixture of famous songs brought into the story of Christ, the acts and what I considered to be a great job done by Tyler Perry made this a fantastic time for me.

Was it true to the original story?

I was really surprised at the entire story and how Tyler Perry narrated it. Even though this was something produced by Fox Networks, I felt as if it really had a Christian edge to it, and Tyler Perry even challenged the viewers as he spoke, especially as we reach the crucifixion (which can not be seen) and of course the resurrection. You can of course complain and say that the songs could have been better, things should been said in a different way and it could all have been even more radical, but based on the fact that this is a “non-Christian” production sharing the fantastic news of Jesus, I was really happy and positively surprised. It could probably have been even better, but if you compare it with whatever else you can watch on Netflix then it is better than 99,5% of all other material there, so thumbs up for The Passion: New Orleans.

Do you agree with my The Passion: New Orleans review? If you have seen it, please share your thoughts and comments on i there.


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