Juventus to play against Bayern Munchen in the Champions League knockout stage

The first part of the knockout stage will turn into a really fantastic one with some big clashes between some of the best teams in Europe. Chelsea will play against PSG, Arsenal will play against Barcelona and the runners up from last year Juventus will play against Bayern Munchen.

Juventus started their season in Serie A in a terrible way, but slowly they have got their machinery back up and working and now it seems as if they are back on track. They did not impress to much during the Champions League group stage and in their last match they lost to Sevilla, securing Sevilla a place as third in the group and in the Europe League.

On February 23rd Juventus and Bayern Munchen will play the first match and it will be played at San Siro stadium in Turin. The second match will be played in Munchen on March 16th, at the same day as Barcelona will receive Arsenal and play their final match as well. Both finalists from last years Champions League will play that evening and with some luck, or maybe bad luck, we might see both finalists say goodbye to the Champions League this evening. That is however not very likely, and at least based on their matches so far this year we believe that Bayern Munchen and Barcelona will win and Juventus and Arsenal will have to say goodbye to the Champions League after these matches.

But, lots of stuff can happen before that, both in Serie A and in the German Bundesliga, and with Bayern Munchen recently loosing their first Bundesliga match this season, it might be that by the time we get to February they will start loosing lots of matches… But again, that is not very likely!


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