Is Organo Gold scam or is it not?

If you ask me whether Organo Gold is a scam or not, I have a very clear answer that I am about to give to you. My clear understanding is that there is not such thing as an Organo Gold scam.

is organo gold scam
Is Organo Gold scam? My thoughts on the subject!

I am skeptical to a lot of things and in addition I am a believer in Jesus and want to live my life in purity and with a good conscience. I have read other Christians comment on Organo Gold online as well, so here I will just share some simple thoughts from me on whether I consider what people refer to as the Organo Gold scam to be real or not.

I have been working a lot in front of the computer using all sorts of services on the Internet for a long time. I have tried services that I myself consider to be scam services and to me a scam is recognized by:

  • They take paid for their services.
  • The do not deliver what you pay for.
  • They do not give you your money back.

This is of course the entire scam subject made very easy, but if we were speaking about a scam bookstore then you could order books and pay for them, and either you want get any books delivered in your post at all, or you might get the wrong books. If you complain there is no change in the world to get a refund, even though you didn’t get anything or at best, the wrong products.

Let me also put it this way… If I buy a book from the same bookstore and it costs 50 USD there and then it only cost 20 USD at it doesn’t make the bookstore a scam, only overprized. Those are two entirely different words and as customers it is our task to discover and search for the best prices before ordering. Time to dig into the subject of Organo Gold.

Is Organo Gold a scam?

I was very skeptical as close relatives joined the Organo Gold network and started drinking the Organo Gold coffee, tea and hot chocolate. How in the world are they willing to pay that much for simple tea and coffee? This must be a scam. I felt convinced, but out of curiosity I also asked questions and tried to understand more about the products and about the network.

What I have learned after following the Organo Gold network up close for a long time is:

  • You do get exactly what you pay for.
  • The products do cost a lot of money compared to normal coffee and tea.

What I have also discovered is:

  • Lots of people around me who enjoy the products actually claim that they help their physical health. Some have testified of lower blood pressure, stronger hair, glowing skin and lots of other effects.
  • It is very hard to earn money with Organo Gold. It requires a lot of work and that you are able to make other people join the network.

Organo Gold scam – let’s dig deeper into those thoughts

Is Organo Gold a scamFirst of all I said that you get what you pay for and that the prices are high. Based on this it can for sure not be called a scam, because they do not deceive you and tell you that it will cost 100 USD and then in the end you pay 200 USD. The products do cost a lot, but in a way I like to think of it as a matter of faith. If you decide to believe in the fact that these products will actually do you good in addition to taste good, then the prices are worth it. If you do not believe in it, then skip it and drink and enjoy some other products.

As I mentioned those relatives of mine who joined Organo Gold are really happy about it. They are really happy about the products and even more happy about how they feel as if it has given their health a boost in several ways. A friend who also started drinking the Organo Gold coffee and tea had been facing high blood pressure for two years, but after drinking for a while the doctor asked what she had done recently, because for some reason it had gone down to much more normal values. The only she could think of was the Ganoderma Lucidum tea and coffee from Organo Gold. There are of course stories on the Internet coming with opposite effects and testimonies, but these are just the testimonies I have seen around me.

What I have seen very clearly though is that it is hard to earn money with Organo Gold. That does not make Organo Gold a scam because they never promised you that it will be easy to earn money, but you should be aware of it still that it will require lots of work and lots of energy to get this up and running in a way that will make you able to earn money with it, at least if you want to earn based on a network beneath you in the system. The easiest way to earn with Organo Gold is by buying products at distributor prices and selling them yourself to other at retail prices. But, if you want to earn by building your own network you will have to spend a lot of time on getting this up and running and later spend time keeping it up and running.

Organo Gold scam – is it true or not?

Is there such a thing as an Organo Gold scam? My answer is definitely NO. Organo Gold is not a scam. It is a valid MLM system and in it you can buy products that contain Lucidum Ganoderma, the queen of mushrooms. You get what you order and pay for and you can also earn money with it.  I can not promise you success and lots of money, but I do know that you will get what you order and what you pay for.

Based on how much my relatives enjoyed the products themselves I also joined Organo Gold, simply to drink the Organo Gold tea products with 30% Lucidum Ganoderma. I have no intentions of actually building myself a big network. If someone decide to join in with me as their sponsor I will let them, but I joined first of all to be able to buy the Organo Gold tea at distributor prices. I do get what I pay for and it is normally delivered at my door within a week after ordering.

  • Expensive? Yes!
  • Worth it? Try and decide for yourself!
  • Scam? Absolutely not!

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