How to watch the rugby world cup 2015 in Australia?

Are you a big fan of rugby and of Australia and want to watch the rugby world cup from the very first moment on September 18th? It is possible to watch the rugby world cup in Australia, but the best and most convenient way is to watch it online.

If you want to watch the rugby world cup 2015 in Australia, or maybe from Australia, then you should simply follow the descriptions found in the following article describing for you in general how you can watch the world cup in rugby online. Because, since you are located in Australia you will for sure want to watch the action with English speaking commentators, and then the best and easiest way is to watch it on ITV in the UK, but for this to work you will need to get yourself a UK IP address, but luckily that is easy to fix, and you can either read my article on how to get an IP address in England, or you can read the earlier mentioned article, and you will find out within shortly how to watch the rugby world cup online in Australia.

When will Australia play?

  • September 23rd – Australia vs Fiji (Pool A)
  • September 27th – Australia v Uruguay (Pool A)
  • October 3rd – England vs Australia (Pool A)
  • October 10th – Australia vs Wales (Pool A)

Get ready for these and all the other matches during the rugby world cup, and hopefully Australia will be just as successful here as they were in the Cricket World Cup which was arranged earlier in 2015.

It might be that Australia ain’t the biggest favorites to win the entire tournament, but in rugby and in tournaments anything can happen, so lets cheer for those guys from down under to succeed in the tournament!


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