How to use JustRetweet?

If you want to spread the word about your blog on the Internet and on social media, JustRetweet is a great way to do so. Here you will find some basic instructions as to how it works and what it can do for you!

The number one thing you should do is to head over to Once there login in with your Twitter of with your Facebook account. The first time you log in you will be given an award of 100 credits. What can you do with 100 credits? You can get more or spend them. This is how it works.

How JustRetweet works

JustRetweet introductionWhen you are logged in you will on the front page see a list of people worth following on Twitter. If you start to follow some of these you will get a certain amount of credits for doing so. As you look further down on the page you will see content that has been submitted to JustRetweet waiting for you and other users to retweet, give it a like on Facebook or a plus on Google+. If you decide to take any of those actions you will be given the amount of credits set by the one who submitted the content. A normal amount you get for spreading someones content is 10 credits, but from time to time you will find content that you get as much as 100 credits to share.  Take a look at the screenshot below to see what it looks like.

how to use justretweet
You get 30 credits for tweeting the first message and 15 credits for tweeting the second

Notice that in the first option you can not only share the content on Twitter, but also on Facebook. In the second option you can share on Twitter and Google+. As you submit content yourself you will always have to share on Twitter, but you can also choose if you want to let people share the content on either Facebook or Google+, or both of them.

How to submit content to JustRetweet?

It is great to share the content of others, but it is even cooler when you get to submit your own content. To do so visit the “Submit Tweet” page. There you will find the following boxes and options:

  • Tweet
    This is where you can add your message and link to the content that you want to share.
  • How many credits would you like to offer members to promote this message?
    This is where you can type the amount of credits you want to give people who promote your content
  • Maximum times to promote
    How many times do you want to let people share this content? If you type 30 and decided to give 10 credits per promotion, the cost of the project will be max 300 credits.
  • Select which Social Networks to allow
    The default and must use social network is Twitter, but here you can also decide if you want to let people share the content on Facebook and Google+ in addition to Twitter.
  • Minimum number of Twitter followers to promote
    This can be useful if you want only people with a certain amount of Twitter followers to be able to share your content on Twitter. If you set this to 200 only users with more than 200 followers on Twitter will be able to retweet your content.
  • Category
    Add the category that suits your content the best. This is useful for those looking for content to share and retweet that deals with a certain topic and subject.

As you have filled in all these options you press Submit and your content will be published (after being reviewed  by the JustRetweet staff).

The max amount of credits will be removed your your account once submitting content, but if you later decide to stop the promotion before the max amount of promotions have been used, you will get back the unused credits.

Personal settings

It can be worth taking a lot at your personal settings before continuing. The option named Tweet Interval will tell how often JustRetweet can publish tweets on your Twitter profile. This is used when you decide to promote content from others so that you will not post 5 tweets at the same time, but it will spread the content you decide to share on Twitter with the interval set in this option. The Credits to Follow is the amount of credits you give to people who decide to follow you on Twitter from inside JustRetweet.

Buy credits

If you want to buy credits so that you can share even more of you content, that can be done in the buy credits option. If you buy a larger amount of credits you will also get a standard subscription to Blog Engage, another interesting community where you can share your content and find recommended content from other people.

Hope you have enjoyed this how to use JustRetweet guide. I guess it is time to head over there and to get started using it. It does not only make people share your content, but most people take a look at the content before sharing it, which again means that you will get new visitors to your blog!



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