How to buy BCC (Bitconnect) if you do not have Bitcoins (BTC)?

Would you like to buy Bitconnect, but do not know how it can be done? If you do not own any Bitcoin, it can be hard to purchase from How can it be done?

Forget about Bitconnect, it is a scam coin that has no value anymore as of January 17th, 2018!

I am not at all into the world of cryptocurrencies. I did not own any Ethereum, Bitcoins, Bitconnect, or Bitcoin Cash as of then, but I thought, let’s give it a try. I, therefore, visited to buy some of this new crypto currency, way cheaper than Bitcoin, but hopefully one day it will get much higher value than it has today. I was ready to buy, but that is when I discovered that I couldn’t. The only way to buy Bitconnect was by using Bitcoin. Well, I did not own any Bitcoin, so I said game over.

Later that day I saw some friends on Facebook discuss Bitcoin. I asked them for advice on how to buy Bitconnect, and this is what they suggested.

How to buy Bitconnect if you do not have Bitcoin at the moment?

If you want to buy Bitconnect, or simply buy some Bitcoin, this is what to do.

  • First, visit CoinBase and create an account.
  • Here you can buy Bitcoin at once using your VISA/MasterCard. You can also transfer money from your bank account to CoinBase, and later buy Bitcoin with this money.
  • If your only goal was to buy Bitcoin, you are now finished and ready.
  • If you want to buy Bitconnect, visit (if you feel like, leave me as your sponsor, siggiboy81).
  • Create an account.
  • Log in to your account. You will then arrive at the dashboard.
  • You can see the Bitcoin wallet on the dashboard. Press Deposit Bitcoin (BTC).
  • You will then see a long code. Copy this and return to Coinbase.
  • Press Send in the Coinbase panel.
  • Add the code just copied as your recipient. Set the amount of Bitcoin you want to transfer.
  • The money will arrive at your Bitconnect account quickly, but it might take around 30 minutes before you can actually use the money.
  • At Bitconnect, go to the BCC Exchange.
  • Choose Buy/Sell BCC. Set the amount of Bitcoin you want to exchange for Bitconnect and press +Buy Bitconnect Coin.
  • You are now finished, and you are the happy owner of your first Bitconnect (BCC)
buy bitcoin cash with credit card
Deposit Bitcoin to to buy Bitconnect
Deposit Bitcoin to your Bitcoin Cash
When you press Deposit Bitcoin, you will see a screen looking like this. Copy the code above, paste it as you send money from CoinBase, and you are soon ready! Do not copy the code from the image, but the one you see on your own computer. If you copy the code above, I will receive the Bitcoin instead of you.
Forget about Bitconnect, it is a scam coin that has no value anymore as of January 17th, 2018!

That seems so complicated

If you see all the steps above, you might feel as if this is really difficult. It isn’t, it only seems complicated, because I explained it very detailed. It is truly a quick job, and you can own your first Bitconnect in less than an hour (most of this time is spent on waiting for the Bitcoin transferred to to arrive).

I am now the happy owner of my first Bitconnect. Now it is up to the future to decide whether this will collapse and become a failure, or if Bitconnect should become a fantastic investment that will bring me the money back 100 times its current value sometime in the future.

What do you think?


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