How to get an IP address in Germany?

Germany is one of the leading nations in Europe with more than 80 million inhabitants. If you live outside Germany, but would like to virtually live and reside in Germany, then you will find out how to get an IP address in Germany as you read this article.

If you dream of moving for real to Germany, you might want to live in the capital of the nation, Berlin, a city with more than 3,5 million inhabitants. If you like football, then Munich is the city where you can watch Bayern M√ľnchen play. For those looking for a German IP address who do not want to move, find out first what a German IP can do for you.

Why do I need a German IP address?

The main reason for getting a German IP address is to bypass regulations which means that restrictions on certain websites, forums or programs will be removed and you can enjoy whatever you could not before because of your geographical location. The most common reason for wanting a German IP address is to be able to watch the live streams or other content from different TV channels. It might sound to good to be true, but once you have a German IP address you will be able to watch content at German TV channels such as:

How can I get an IP in Germany?

To get an IP address in Germany the best you can do is to subscribe and pay a few dollars a month to use a VPN service. A VPN tunnel will connect your computer to a computer/server in Germany, and all traffic from your computer will be transported through that tunnel to the server in Germany, and thus all your activity on the Internet will seem to be produced by that German computer. Again, this means that you will surf the Internet with a German IP address, which again means that all geo-blocks will be removed and you can enjoy German content freely from all the world.

German IP using VPN

If you want to surf without limitations, surf encrypt and surf with a German IP the best VPN provider on the market offering IPs in Germany at the moment is HideMyAss. They have several servers in Germany with great speeds, which is very important when you want to watch streamed content such as TV programs, soccer matches and similar cool stuff. In addition to giving you a German IP they will also encrypt your connection, which is important when using open WiFi networks, hot-spots, hotel and restaurants networks and so on around the world.

What to do now?

Visit the HideMyAss website, make a subscription, download their client, enter your username and password and connect to a server in Germany. All of this can be done in five minutes, meaning that you are ready to surf the net and virtually reside in Germany in five minutes from now!



  1. the secret movie

    Remarkable content in this interesting article on how to get a German IP address. I receive your advice and will check it out myself. Thanks again for sharing this!

  2. Kelly Alawy

    Hello I am Warsaw but it saying my Ip his in the. UK but I move back 34 mouth a go and get on to any off my own TV show so can you help me out I all go on a game call Red light Centre and my ip dot work on I have my mum laptop all the as I know that my own IP my pay as you go what using all the come that back in London where I us to Levi be I move back home to Poland I hop you help out with this matter

    1. Christine Wilson (Post author)

      I am not really sure if I get your problem! For sure you need to download the VPN client and connect to a server in the nation in which you need an IP address, so if you need a German IP address, connect to a server in Germany. If you need a UK IP address, connect to a server in the UK!


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