How to fix HootSuite not posting to Google+?

There is a very annoying thing going on over at HootSuite in these days. Somehow it has turned very hard for lots of users to publish to Google+ from within HootSuite. This is not over all, but if you include a link in your post, then you will get problems. So, what can you do to fix it?

Unfortunately I do not have a great answer to the question, but if anyone has, please share it. Together with tons of other users I have told about the error, so hopefully HootSuite will get this error fixed within shortly, because you do lose part of the fun with the tool if you can not post links and so to Google+ from within the tool.

error message when posting to google+
Do you get this error mesage when posting with links to Google+ from HootSuite as well?

But, until it is fixed, I guess we have to visit Google+ and post manually ourselves! So, head over to your Google+ Page and then manually post the link the way you want it to look. If anyone has further input on the matter, just write a comment and let the rest of us trying to survive this annoying error know what is on your heart!

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