Crazy Premier League Saturday coming up!

The last round in the Premier League before the break was a quite boring round with no real top matches. The results in the round were interesting though, but the matches themselves were not the real big ones. But, after such a round comes what we have decided to call the Crazy Premier League Saturday with several great matches coming up!

So, why do we call this the crazy Saturday? Here are some of the matches coming up and included you can find the explanation as to why these are such important and great matches!

Everton vs Chelsea

The first match on Saturday will be the match between Everton and Chelsea. Why is this such a great match? Everton has five points and Chelsea has four, so for most people it will not seem like a top match. But, for Chelsea this is a match they simply need to win, and a loss would be a catastrophe. Everton does not have the same pressure on them, because after all none expected them to be in the top of the Premier League before the season, but still, they will want to grab some points in this match and it can turn into a real highlight!

Our guess for this match: 0-0

Crystal Palace vs Manchester City

This might not sound to cool, but this is in fact a match between the team placed first and second in the Premier League at the moment. Manchester City comes to the match with four wins in a row and no team has yet been able to score a goal against them. Crystal Palace comes with three wins and one loss, but they do play at their home field Selhurst Park, so maybe they will manage to be the first team to score against, and maybe even grab a point against Manchester City this season? We doubt it, but maybe!

Our guess for this match: 0-2

Manchester United vs Liverpool

This will for many be the highlight of the weekend, especially considering that these are the two most popular football teams in England abroad. None of the teams have impressed us much so far, but maybe with Wayne Rooney turning into the most scoring football player for England ever, he might bring some of that into the Premier League as well, and together with Depay and Schweinsteiger they might be able to make some magic against a Liverpool who lost 3-0 to West Ham at Anfield Road in their last Premier League match.

Our guess for this match: 1-1

If you want to place a bet, just press the Bet365 banner. To read more about the Premier League teams, schedules, standings or maybe how to watch it online, just look around here at and enjoy this upcoming crazy Saturday!


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