Chelsea to play PSG again!

It is Christmas season and we know every year that Santa Claus will arrive. In the same way we also know that Chelsea will play against PSG in the Champions League knockout stage, because yesterday during the drawing they were drawn to play one another for the third time in a row.

After two battles between the best team in France and one of the best teams in England the standing says 1-1, but who will win this year? If we take a look on the paper everything says that PSG should win. They played really impressing football during the group stage and they were the best team on the field in all their matches (including their two matches against Real Madrid). In addition they are still unbeatable in the Ligue 1 this season, meaning that this is a team almost impossible to beat.

Chelsea on the other hand is the complete opposite. They managed to get to the knockout stage in the Champions League without playing to impressive football. In the Premier League they are getting close to the bottom and yesterday they lost to James Vardy and Leicester (which is now the team at the top in Premier League). Before the season everyone would have thought that Leicester would be at the bottom and Chelsea at the top, but things do not seem to happen that way.

But what will happen on February 16th in Paris? That is the date for the first match between PSG and Chelsea, and then one week later PSG will travel to Stamford Bridge and to London to play against Chelsea again.  We are really curious about the matches, but if we are to guess we have PSG as the big favorites before both matches. However in the knockout stage anything can happen and on a brilliant day Chelsea can beat any team in Europe.

The matches between Chelsea and PSG will not be the only interesting matches in the first knockout stage matches. Arsenal, another team from London, will travel to play Barcelona in the first stage and who knows, maybe Arsene Wenger and his guys can create trouble for Barcelona. It would be cool, so we will cheer for the Gunners and hope that they will be able to surprise and that Petr Cseh will stop all attacks from Neymar, Messi and Suarez!


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