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An honest SocialPilot evaluation

I have earlier written honest VPN reviews. This time I have tested SocialPilot, and here you can find my honest SocialPilot evaluation based on personal experience. SocialPilot is a service ideal for those working with social media, and for those administrating at least five social media profiles (or more). What SocialPilot can do for you

Is Netflix DNS a real thing?

Not long ago I discovered that lots of people search Google for keywords such as: Netflix DNS and American Netflix DNS codes. What is that? Does it exist? To be honest I do believe that such a thing as a DNS to watch Netflix does exit, but if we speak about something called Netflix DNS,

How to manually setup a VPN on an Android phone?

In these days all VPN providers provide applications to people using iOS and Android phones. However, there are still people who want to avoid using these applications as they often use a lot of memory, so they want to manually setup the VPN connection instead. But, how can you setup a VPN on your Android

How to watch Netflix in Slovenia?

Do you want to watch some amazing films and TV series at Netflix? Are you located in Slovenia, a country in which Netflix is unavailable. It sounds like a challenge, but it is very easy to watch Netflix in Slovenia. I have a special website dedicated to the topic on watching Netflix from abroad, but

VPN providers with Bitcoin payment

Do you have a Bitcoin account and would like to use your Bitcoin money to buy a VPN account? Want to make a VPN subscription without giving any information about your real identity or location? Use a VPN provider with Bitcoin support! So, you are looking for a VPN provider with Bitcoin support. You have

How to surf anonymously on the Internet?

Do you want to surf the Internet anonymously? In other words, would you like to surf the Internet so that none can really find out where you are located in the world and remember what you have been watching? Here comes some advices on the matter. Hide your traces on your own computer. When we

How to find my IP address?

Do you wonder how to find my IP address, or in other words, find out what your IP address is? That is easy and as you scroll a little down you will see your actual IP address and your location. If you use a VPN connection, you should not see your actual location and IP