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Welcome to my world Fubo TV

There are some people you meet, who you never want to see again. And then there are those people you meet, who you hope will never leave. Fubo TV has just turned into such a friend! There are lots of streaming services online showing football matches from the different European Leagues. But, the biggest problem

The ultimate Rio Olympics streaming guide!

The Rio Olympics is about to start. Here we will tell you how to stream the Rio Olympics online. Do not miss out anything. Watch the Rio Olympics online! Here at we aim to give you the best information online concerning how you can stream different sports events online. We already have detailed guides

How to watch Shrewsbury vs Manchester United online

February 22nd is a boring Monday after a nice weekend, but the match between Shrewsbury and Manchester United will lighten it up. Find out how to watch Shrewsbury vs Manchester United online. On February 22nd Louis van Gaal will lead Manchester United against Shrewsbury. Anything but victory will be unacceptable. Will he succeed? He recently

Chelsea to play PSG again!

It is Christmas season and we know every year that Santa Claus will arrive. In the same way we also know that Chelsea will play against PSG in the Champions League knockout stage, because yesterday during the drawing they were drawn to play one another for the third time in a row. After two battles

Go Chelsea and Arsenal

With Manchester United leaving the Champions League tonight we still have to cheer for both Chelsea and Arsenal tonight. We have a strong suspicion that both teams will qualify and that as we go to bed tonight around midnight we have been witnessing a victory for both Chelsea and for Arsenal, securing both teams a

Can Manchester City beat Juventus tonight?

It is time for the fifth leg in the Champions League group stage tonight, and Manchester City will travel to Turin to play against Juventus, a team for which they lost in their first match back in Manchester. Juventus had a terrible start on the season in Serie A, but since then they have woken

Rugby World Cup about to start in England

Today it is only one week left before the start of the Rugby World Cup 2016. This has nothing really to do with the Premier League, but it still has something to do with the Premier League as the country hosting the Rugby World Cup is England, and several Premier League stadiums will be used