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Update your IPVanish connections and software

If you are using IPVanish as your VPN provider you better update your connections and software. They have recently made some upgrades to their server park and as a result you will have to update your connection software. If you are using IPVanish manually, meaning that you have used manual setup for your IPVanish connection,

Fox, NBC, A&E and NBA TV coming to Fubo TV

Fubo TV just presented their Christmas present to sports-fans worldwide. Fox, NBC, A&E and NBA TV will be added to the Fubo TV packages, meaning you can spend even more time in front of your screens in 2017. Now you might not understand the great value of Fox, NBC and the other TV channels just

How to recognize a scam VPN provider?

Have you read about a VPN provider and wonder whether or not their services are real? Have you read comments accusing a provider of being a scam? Or are you suspicious as all positive reviews are filled with affiliate links making them loose credibility? Here are some ways to recognize a scam VPN provider! Before

Man With A Plan is now on CBS

Lots of TV shows premiered on NBC, CBS, Fox and similar TV networks in September. But, now in the end of September a new TV series premiered on CBS; Man With A Plan. Man With A Plan had its premiere on CBS on October 24th. Matt LeBlanc is the guy in the main role. After

Amazon intensifying their VPN hunt

For a long time it has been easy to access and watch Amazon Prime and Amazon Instant Videos abroad. Recently I have however noticed a big increase of people getting the 4601 error message as they try to watch Amazon Instant Videos using a VPN or proxy from abroad. Netflix started their VPN hunt earlier

Ready to watch the Premier League on the Internet

I am so ready for the Premier League and since I do not have a TV, this is how I am planning to watch the Premier League on the Internet! Sounds interesting? The 2016-2017 Premier League season seems to become the most interesting of all Premier League seasons so far. Last years season ended up

How to stream Spain vs Italy online?

Spain vs Italy will be a fantastic match and some people will say that the two best teams in Euro 2016 will have to play against one another way to early in the tournament. If you want to stream Spain vs Italy online then I will tell you how it is done right here. It

Films leaving HBO Now on June 30th

June is soon coming to an end and as June comes to an end there will be quite a lot of films removed from HBO NOW. Take a look at the list and hurry up to watch these films if you have missed out on any that you would have loved to see. Among the

Highlights coming to Fox 2016/2017

Fox and most other TV networks have just released the names on their newcomers that will arrive in the autumn of 2016 or early 2017. Fox has some of the most exciting titles and here I will tell you about the three most interesting! I am not a big Fox fan and normally I watch