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God’s way of selecting workers

There is something so brilliant, comforting and encouraging when it comes to God’s way of selecting workers. He see’s much more than any human eye can see, and he can turn what is despised in the eyes of men, to something people admire and look up to. We live in a world where we constantly

A life without Google Analytics

I have never used drugs or smoked cigarettes, but I have used Google Analytics. Luckily Google Analytics will not harm your body, but if you have used it for a long time you might get abstinence’s when restraining from it for hours, days and weeks. Google Analytics is a superb tool for analyzing your website

6 good ways to start the day

The way you start your day will often influence your entire day. If you start it wrong by getting the wrong impulses and turning stressed you might bring that bad mood and irritation with you throughout the entire day. That is not a good way to start the day, so why not start it another

Ignore your low self-esteem – look to God

It is a common problem in our world today that people suffer from low self-esteem. That is so unfortunate as they miss out on a whole lot of great stuff and good opportunities. Just imagine getting the chance to do something great (a new job offer, new task in church, promotion chance or whatever), but