How to get an IP address in Canada?

Are you on the look for an IP address in Canada? Would you like to virtually reside in the nation of Wayne Gretzky and other celebrities? With a VPN it can easily be arranged!

Canada is not only known for icehockey, but also for beautiful landmarks known by people all over the world such as the CN Tower in Toronto and the Niagara Falls. What you might not have known is that Canada is a bilingual country with two official languages. You probaby knew that English was one of them, but did you know that French is an official language in Canada as well?

Enough chit chat, let us look into how you can get hold of an IP address in Canada easily and quickly!

IP address in Canada with HideMyAss

To get an IP address in Canada the best solution is to sign up for a VPN service. I have personally used HideMyAss for a long time, and it is a fact that at the moment I am writing this article they have a total of more than 2500 IP addresses available in Canada for you and other users to enjoy. In other words, they have plenty of space on their servers, so that you can easily connect to one of them after you have made a subscription to the HideMyAss VPN service. A subscription is cheap and quick, especially if you sign up for the 12 month version giving you a cost of only around 6 USD a month.

To get started, press the HideMyAss button and visit their website. Once you have arrived there sign up for one month, six months or for twelwe months. Download their VPN application and get started as you enter your username and password and connect to a server in Canada. You will soon notice that HideMyAss has several servers in Canada. You can try to sign up to the server that looks the best to you, or just let HideMyAss pick the server with the best pick for you as you select a random server in Canada.

Ps: Notice that if you simply need a Canadian IP address HideMyAss is the best service, but if you want to watch Canadian TV online from abroad, IPVanish is a better service. This is because quite some of the IPs in use by HideMyAss are blocked by Canadian TV channels.

HideMyAss If you are located in the USA HideMyAss do have a virtual server in New York which will provide you with an IP address in Canada, so that is the best solution if you want super download speeds. 

If you have tried this, why not write a comment and share your experience? If you want to know more about HideMyAss before you continue, read my honest HideMyAss review.

What is good with HideMyAss is that they have servers in more than 60 nations, so with one single subscription you can just as easily get an American IP address or maybe a French IP address as well, if that is what you are looking for. They also have a thirty day money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied.

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