Can I watch The Book Thief on Netflix?

I got The Book Thief recommended to me by friends a while back and now I would like to watch the movie on Netflix. Is it possible to stream The Book Thief on Netflix?

The Book Thief is a brilliant movie which has received lots of praise both from critics and from the general audience. It tells us the story about a little girl who has to move to a new family during the Nazi reign in Germany. Her new family consist of a father with a glimpse in his eye, and a mother who seems to be cold as ice. But, as the movie goes on they turn into a fantastic family and they all have one thing in common, they want to lay low and do their uttermost to make the Nazis stay far away from their home.

The little girl in the movie learns how to read and she steals book from one of the leaders in town. That is more dangerous than she probably understands, but still it is a very important part of the movie.

Would you like to watch The Book Thief on Netflix?

To watch The Book Thief on Netflix

At the time I am writing this article The Book Thief can be seen in two Netflix regions. It can be watched on Netflix in France and on Netflix in Canada. If you are located somewhere else you can either be sad, or you can click one of the links beneath to find out how you can get access to French or Canadian Netflix from outside the nations.

If you follow the instructions in one of the articles above you should be able to get access to Netflix in another country within shortly, and thus to watch The Book Thief online. If I were to choose I would for sure go for Canadian Netflix, because that is for sure among the best regions available. They get the newest movies quickest and it has the biggest collection of Hollywood blockbusters!




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