Can Molde stop Sevilla?

Can Ethan Horvath and Molde stop Sevilla?

Last week we wrote about the fact that Sevilla once again qualified for the UEFA Europe League which means that this year the can in fact win the tournament for the third year in a row. But, the first hinder on that way is against the Norwegian team Molde.

Most people will agree that Sevilla was among the lucky teams, as they could have faced opponents such as Manchester United, Porto, Schalke 04, Liverpool and more. But, before we give Sevilla the victory we should know a few things about Molde first. Because, this was a team originally seeded in group 4 before the group stage in the Europe League, meaning the worst team in their group. They played together with Fenerbahce, Ajax and Celtic, and guess what… they won the group. They won twice against Celtic, won once against Fenerbahce (and lost once), and played draw twice against Ajax. Those are not bad results at all, meaning that this team currently lead by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer might turn into a more serious opponent for Sevilla than many would believe.

Sevilla has not played to impressive football themselves, but in the last group match stage in the Champions League they managed to grab the third place in the group and thus they qualified for the Europe League.

The first match between Sevilla and Molde will be played on February 18th in Sevilla and the second match one week later in Molde. And be aware of the fact that the temperature in Molde in Norway at the west coast in February can be freezing, so hopefully the Sevilla guys will not arrive hoping for summer, because if so, they might end up turning into ice cream!

Do you think Molde will be an easy opponent for Sevilla? You can read more about Sevilla in the following article! Also this weekend Sevilla will travel to play against Real Betis. If they win the match they will remain among the top teams in the Liga BBVA!


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