Can Leicester almost put the Premier League trophy in their pocket tomorrow?

There are lots of interesting Premier League matches to be played this weekend and after the first minutes of West Ham – Arsenal it seems as if Arsenal will bring home the victory in today’s match. But, even with a victory they will be 8 points behind Leicester.

With some luck James Vardy and Leicester can put the Premier League trophy halfway into their pockets tomorrow

Tomorrow Tottenham will play against Manchester United. In their first match, which was the opening match in the Premier League in 2015/16 Manchester United got the victory, and if they will be able to do so again at the same time as Leicester manage to beat Sunderland (away match) then Leicester will be 10 points in front of the team at the second place in the league, with 5 matches left for Leicester to play! That is quite amazing!

If you want to follow the action later today and tomorrow then visit to find out more about how you can watch the Premier League online.

Liverpool will tomorrow play against Stoke and for Jurgen Klopp this is a match they will need to win if they want to dream on about playing in Europe in 2016/17 as well. With a draw or a loss they stand in danger of not getting to play in any of the European tournaments next year.



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