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Business and Faith on Google CurrentsIf you have a smartphone or a tablet you will be happy to hear that you can now subscribe to Business and Faith on Google Currents. Thus it will be easy to read our articles while you are on the run and you can easily stay up to date on what’s happening in our blog.

Google Currents is a almost like Google Reader, only more modern and much cooler looking. If you have an Android device you can download Google Currents from Google Play and if you have an iPad or an iPhone you can of course download Google Currents to that device as well. More information about Google Currents and download links can be found on the Google Currents page.

First you need to download Google Current. Then you should come back to this article and click on the following link which will lead you to our Google Current. If you add us to your list you will be able to stay updated on our posts and never miss one single post!

If you need the exact address to add us on Google Currents, the address is:

Do you want to add your own blog to Google Currents? We will come back with an article within the next couple off days with more information about how to do so (it is very easy and can quickly be done)!

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