Bayern Munchen going strong before Bundesliga start

Last weekend Bayern Munchen lost their match against Wolfsburg on penalties, but if we see the entire match it is still no doubt about the fact that Bayern Munchen was the best team on the field. Last night they continued to play impressive football as they managed to beat AC Milan 3-0 in the Audi Cup.

Based on all our knowledge about Bayern Munchen from earlier and in addition the fact that players such as Robben is back in business again, tells us that Bayern Munchen will for sure start the Bundesliga 2015-16 as the big favorites to win the Bundesliga this year as well. And really, after Borussia Dortmund lost many of their best players there has really been no team really able to stop or really challenge Bayern Munchen, but maybe, and let us emphasize maybe, Wolfsburg will be able to surprise a lot of people out there this season and steal the trophee from Bayern Munchen, but we really do doubt that this will actually happen.

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