An honest UnoTelly review

If you have read my posts lately you have probably noticed that I have been testing several SmartDNS providers lately. I have already written reviews on Overplay SmartDNS, Unlocator and Unblock Us, and now it is time to share my honest UnoTelly review.

I have been using UnoTelly for a couple of weeks and if you want a short answer to whether or not I can recommend UnoTelly, the answer is yes, go for it! If you are in a hurry, just visit the UnoTelly website and try their 7 day free trial, after all there is no risk in trying at all.

If you are in a hurry, but you still have a few more minutes to read, keep on reading to find out what I like about UnoTelly, what I do not like about UnoTelly, and if you have own experience just write and share your thoughts about their SmartDNS service.

My honest UnoTelly review

First of all, what makes this so easy and good is that you have seven days without any payment needed to try UnoTelly yourself. In other words you can try this 24×7 for one entire week and based on that you will have so much experience that you in fact can write your very own review of UnoTelly. If you look for a provider to unlock a website for you or to make it possible for you to watch HBO Now from abroad or maybe NOW TV in the UK, then you simply visit the UnoTelly website and click the button to start your free trial, and you just add your email address and you are ready to use UnoTelly at once.

Just start your free UnoTelly try as you press Unblock for free!

As you create your account you can at once get access to the control panel and here you will find all sorts of instructions telling you how to use UnoTelly and how to get started using the service. Instructions are found so that you easily can setup UnoTelly on your Windows computer, on your tablet, mobile device or even on a whole set of different routers. What makes this even cooler is that they have a large number of DNS servers available, meaning that you can decide which DNS servers to use, but UnoTelly is also nice enough to come with suggestions based on your current location.

A map showing UnoTelly DNS servers in Europe

On their list of DNS servers available they also specify which servers are Dynamo friendly. But, what is UnoTelly Dynamo all about?

UnoTelly Dynamo

The Dynamo is a function included by most SmartDNS service providers today and it is a tool that will make it possible for you to pick region for Netflix, making it possible to switch between Netflix regions easily, and you can also pick regions opening up for watching lots of other TV channels and streaming services online.

The UnoTelly control panel itself looks very nice as well. It is very modern, but still easy to use and looks cooler than a simple text menu. Here you can see a screenshot of the UnoTelly menu once you have started your free trial.

Looks nice, doesn’t it? This screenshot is taken when UnoTelly is not in use, and that is why you can see the big X in the Account Status window in the upper left corner.

There are several other nice functions in the menu. It is a very nice function that they have the DynDNS function, making it easy to get UnoTelly working, even if you keep on working from different IP addresses. If you miss a channel or five then you can also use the Channel request function, and the guys (or maybe girls) working at UnoTelly will be quick to try to make it available for you!

Negatives with UnoTelly

It might be considered a negative that there are quite some channels still missing, but all you have to do is tell them, and they will fix it. Another negative is that they are not cheaper than most other SmartDNS providers, but at the same time, they are not more expensive either. With their 5 USD a month price or 50 USD a year price they just hit average, but for this money you get a very good SmartDNS providers!

And what about the UnoTelly speeds? I earlier mentioned that I had some problems with speeds as I used Unlocator, but luckily I had no trouble with speeds at all using UnoTelly, so no lagging, just great quality!

UnoTelly review conclusion

If you want to get hold of a good SmartDNS provider then you can choose UnoTelly without a problem. Visit their website and start your seven day free trial and enjoy unblocking websites and streaming services within a few minutes!

[stbpro id=”info” caption=”About UnoTelly”]UnoTelly is a product of UnoDNS, which is a product of Unovation INC, a company seated in Canada. Their goal is to bring down borders and to make online content available to everyone, no matter where you are located in the world.[/stbpro]


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