An honest Unlocator review

Not long ago I wrote an Unblock Us review, and now I am continuing my walk through among the biggest SmartDNS providers, and now I have been testing Unlocator for a while. This is my honest Unlocator review based on personal experience and no affiliate relationship!

First of all it comes very practical with Unlocator that you can try the services absolutely for free and without any payment information given for seven days. That is brilliant, meaning there is no risk at all in trying and no full refund policy with which you need to read the small letters, because you pay nothing to try, and you only extend and pay later if you really want to use Unlocator. That comes in very handy and nice!

The Unlocator website is nice and easy to understand. You can easily sign up for a free seven day trial, and once you have signed up you can get started using the Unlocator services at once.

Watching Ninja Turtles on Amazon Prime with Unlocator

Unlocator in use

Once you have created your account you can check your status at the Unlocator website. If everything works fine you should see three green pins, but if there are trouble somewhere or the Unlocator SmartDNS is not setup right, then you will see the error, and there will be several guides available at their website explaining you how to get Unlocator working on all sorts of operating systems and devices.

As with most other SmartDNS providers Unlocator also has a “region” panel available. Here you can easily select between different Netflix regions, meaning that you can easily swap between different Netflix regions just pressing one button on your mouse, and in the next second you can enjoy a different kind of Netflix. You might need to restart your browser for these changes to take effect, but it still comes in very useful.

I tried watching HBO Now, Netflix and some local TV channels here and there using Unlocator. Some channels I do like were not supported by Unlocator, but normally all you need to do for this to change is to tell them, and they will fix it and add the channel at once, so that is not really a minus to consider. Another minus however was that I experienced quite some lagging causing bad quality on streaming from HBO Now and Netflix, something I did not experience earlier with for example Unblock Us. As these are some of the most important activities for me, this was a big minus. It might have been a temporary problem, but as I later tried another DNS provider instead, the quality returned back to awesome again.

Unlocator pricing

There is not much to say here, except from that their prices are totally average, meaning 5 USD a month or 50 USD for a one year subscription!

Unlocator wrap up

Easy to use, easy to set up, region picker, seven day free testing period… lots of great stuff with Unlocator, so go ahead and try it for yourself, after all you have nothing to loose as they have a free seven day sign up period! I have personally moved on and on permanent basis I use a different SmartDNS provider, and the main reason for that was the speed problems as I watched US streaming services and sites.

Have you tried Unlocator? Did you like it? Please share your experience!



  1. Nishad Hussain Kaippally

    I made the mistake of subscribing, wasted $49 for nothing. I wanted to get US content in UAE. The DNS service never worked . I tried everything mentioned in forums and their docs. .

    1. christineadmin (Post author)

      That sounds strange, because after all you can try their services for free for seven days, so why pay if the service do not work during the seven day free trial period?


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