An honest OverPlay SmartDNS review

A long while back I worked and tried OverPlay and their VPN services, but recently I though it was about time to take a closer look upon their services again, and then especially the OverPlay SmartDNS service. So, now I have used the OverPlay SmartDNS service for a while and here you can read my honest thoughts about the product.

What made OverPlay very interesting is that they have introduced something they called the JetSwitch, which will make things much easier to work with.

JetSwitch and OverPlay

The signing up process to OverPlay was very easy and their prices are also nice (if you just sign up for the DNS service). The price as of the moment is about 5 USD a month, which is very similar to the other DNS providers on the market. After signing up the most important thing to do is to setup your computer, Android device or iOS product to use the DNS servers provided by OverPlay. That can be done quite easily, you can for example read a guide on how to change DNS servers in Windows here. OverPlay also has detailed guides for how this can be done on their website, and they also have a online chat service, so if you have problems adding the DNS servers provided by OverPlay, just contact them online.

So far this is very similar to all the other SmartDNS providers. Then comes the JetSwitch, what is that all about?

OverPlay – with JetSwitch

The JetSwitch is a brilliant idea and service from OverPlay. This is something I have missed personally for a long time, because most SmartDNS providers automatically direct you to US Netflix as you use their SmartDNS product. With the OverPlay JetSwitch you are free to choose which nation you want to use Netflix in for yourself, using the JetSwitch.

Here you can easily set which nation you want the SmartDNS to forward you to, or you can disable it.

In other words you can decide for yourself in which nation you want to watch Netflix, and even cooler is the fact that you can just change this setting in the control panel at anytime, and you will then be able to watch Netflix in any other nation at once. This is simply brilliant, and in the same way you can pick nation for watching Amazon Instant Videos and so many other cool stuff. There are loads of TV channels supported by OverPlay, so for most people this is more than enough.

OverPlay and speeds

I have not had the chance to test all TV channels and OverPlay speeds, but my general impression is that things seems to work very fine, so no reason to complain yet. As time passes by I will for sure get more experiences with this and then I will tell, but right now I am using this to watch Netflix online for example, and I have absolutely no trouble with speeds, buffering or lagging.

If you want to try OverPlay for yourself then simply visit their website clicking the button above. If you have tried OverPlay SmartDNS and want to share your experience, just write a comment. But, I can warmly recommend the service, so there you have it, my honest OverPlay review!



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